1. How do I start as an artist?

The first step to start would be creating a profile on Creative Xchange. You can do so here. Create Profile.

2. Why is my profile not visible to fans and bookers on Creative Xchange?

In order to ensure that bookers have complete information to make decisions about booking an artist, a profile is visible only after it has the following sections completed-A display picture, completed bio sections and videos of past performances. Even though the minimum requirement is one video, it is strongly recommended that you have many videos to make sure the bookers get a good idea of how your live performances look like.

3. Is there a fee for joining Creative Xchange?

No. There are no charges to join and create your profile.

4. Are there subscription fees or monthly charges?

There are no subscription or monthly charges on Creative Xchange.

5. Are there any entry criteria for Creative Xchange?

a. You need to be at least 18 years of age.
b. You need to have a complete profile with videos and bio. Though we seek to have an open platform we want to ensure that all of our users have a great experience. So we constantly review the profiles in the system. If you have an incomplete profile for a period of 30 days we will deactivate the profile. If you wish to return you can contact us and we will activate your profile given that you have enough material.

6. Any special tips or recommendations on what a good profile should look like?

A good profile should have all the sections completed, good videos are key to a good profile as Creative Xchange is a platform for performers.

Gig Booking

1. I just received an availability request. How long do I have before responding?

The system waits for 48 hours before sending quotes to venues who are looking for an artist. It is strongly recommended that you respond with your availability and price quote as soon as you receive the request.

2. I just received confirmation that the venue wants to book me. What happens now?

You are all set to perform at your event. In your confirmation you must have received the address of the venue.

3. I just completed a gig. When do I get paid?

Artists receive the payment for the gig within 15 business days of gig completion.

4. How much do I get paid?

Your final payout will be, the amount your gig was confirmed at, less 6%. Creative Xchange charges a 6% service fee for all live gigs. For every $100.00 earned from gigs the artists receive $94.00 after the service fee is deducted.

5. Why do I have to rate the venue?

Creative Xchange strives to create a fair marketplace for artists and venues alike. So, the platform tracks venue ratings internally to ensure that artists are not exploited. These reviews are not visible to the venue unless explicitly stated in the review form.

6. What are the cancellation terms?

When you cancel as an artist the venue gets notified that you have canceled and gets refunded. If you cancel frequently as a musician your rating gets affected and it affects how you are promoted by the platform.

7. How do I increase my chances of getting booked as an artist on Creative Xchange?

Creative Xchange is a platform which makes finding artists easy for venues and event managers. The key to getting booked on Creative Xchange is also sharing your Creative Xchange profile on social networks, which makes your profile visible to other artists, fans and venues.

8. How do I become a featured artist on Creative Xchange?

Creative Xchange features artists frequently on its home page. Getting featured increases visibility to prospective bookers and fans alike. Featured artists on Creative Xchange should have multiple successful events, have a good profile with high ratings and have good videos uploaded.


Booking Music

1. How do I start booking musicians to perform at my business?

The first step towards booking artists is to create an account with Creative Xchange. You can do so here. Sign Up here.

2. Is there a charge to maintain an account on Creative Xchange?

There is no charge to create and maintain an account on Creative Xchange.

3. How do I book artists for recurring events at my business?

In your dashboard you start a booking request for multiple dates at the same time. You can specify the genre of music and other particulars in the request. The system will match the artists who are available and match your criteria. You can then select and confirm the artists that best fit your requirements.

4. How do I book just one artist for an upcoming event?

Booking an artist is easy with Creative Xchange a) login with your id b) select the artist who you want to book by looking up for genre and location using search c) click on “Book Now” button and enter event details.

5. What are the charges for booking artists on Creative Xchange?

Creative Xchange uses transparent pricing. You can specify the budget you are comfortable spending per live music event. The system gets you true quotes. Creative Xchange charges a 9% service charge on each booking. For example if an artist quotes $500.00 for a booking, your final invoice will be $545.00

6. How do I pay for the events I have booked?

Once an artist is confirmed , you will receive an invoice with payment links to pay online. We accept all major credit and debit cards. The invoices are due on the day of the event.

7. Do I need a license to start live music at my venue?

Depending on the artist who is playing and the kind of music that they are playing, you may need a PRO(Performing Rights Organization) license. The major PROs are BMI, SESAC, GMR, and ASCAP. We are ready to assist you with more information on licensing should you need it. If you are a member of your local hospitality association please check with them for more information and substantial discounts on these licenses

8. How do reviews work?

Creative Xchange strives to create a fair marketplace for artists and venues alike. We want to ensure that you get the best possible experience for the booking amount you spent. Since artists are free agents, we want to make sure that in rare cases where the artist is not a good match for your venue, we take them off the list of future recommendations for your venue. Reviews help our system keep track of those experiences.