Lola Batiste  
Dallas , TX
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Born in Paris,Texas to a musical family, Lola Batiste whose aunt was a baptist church pianist/singer with a fervent style  had an early influence on Lola's interpretation of a lyric.

 Lola who attended the Catholic church whose choir pianist had a more repressed style, began singing hymns at her church where she fused her aunt's fervent gospel singing with the subdued style of  hymns at the Catholic church creating a unique mix of vocal style that leaned more toward a melancholy vibe.

She has worked with some of DFW's finest such as jazz vocalist Victor Cager and pianist/vocalist James Belk while horning her craft.

In  the  Denise Lee Onstage "So You Think You Can Cabaret" competition Lola won 3rd place with her rendition of "What a Difference a Day Makes". singing the song as a ballad.

In a musical collaboration with songwriter Nico Rizzuto of Cologne, Germany Lola provided the vocals for the creation of “Because You Know Me” a jazzy pop tune that had some airplay in Germany.

Lola has also had the honor of being a member of the prestigious Women's Chorus of Dallas where she sang first soprano under the artistic direction of Melinda Imthurn.?

Along with two other actresses she portrayed Diana Ross with the Supremes in the Marsha Moses musical production of “From Dixie to Broadway” a musical documenting the history of African American music. “I have always admired Diana Ross and when I was cast to perform her songs I was so thrilled!”

In the stage play production of “ Reveal (a dream tale with music)” a stage play directed by the accomplished actor director and writer Akin Babatunde that had it's debut at the Kalita Humphrey Theater in Dallas, she portrayed one of three singing dolls that came to life.


Awards & Appreciations
  • Placed 3rd in the Denise Lee Onstage "So You Think You Can Cabaret Competition"

  • Placed 3rd in the Denise Lee Onstage "So You Think You Can Cabaret Competition"