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  • L'Marco is an international entertaining who is experienced, versatile and unique. With an interactive stage presence, L'Marco customizes each show to the venue and demographic. He's performed corporate, religious, commercial, acoustic, orchestrated, musical theater, etc, with a passion to excel in all. He's performed alongside/for many notable headliners such as Brandy, Robin Thicke, B.Slade, Shoshana Bean and more. L'Marco has a wide array of repertoire and caters to the client, professionally.
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L’Marco is an American singer/songwriter. Internationally being recognized for his electrifying presence on stage, charisma off-stage, and unique and flexible sound, L’Marco has accumulated a repertoire of many various songs. Having worked along side and acclaimed by numerous notable entertainers and musicians such as headlining vocalists Robin Thicke, Kim Burrell, Brandy, Wicked’s Shoshana Bean, L’Marco is now making his own mark in the world of fashion/entertainment. Said to give the charisma needed to execute a successful and enjoyable production by his peers and concert attendees, he is bringing something new and exciting to such a competitive market.

L’Marco taught Voice at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood and Take Lessons. Having the experience of successfully launching a solo career in the soul/jazz markets, He has collaborated with many of the world’s talented producers and artists. Thus, not only does L’Marco give instruction on basic and intermediate singing technique(s), he also focuses heavily on the performance aspect of music.

L’Marco studied for 5 years at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at CSU, Long Beach under Dr. Steven Kronaure; celebrated Classical tenor. He’s studied everything from Classical to Rock, so L’Marco is knowledgeable on how to yield results in various genres.  L’Marco’s musical education dates far before his collegiate career, acting in stage plays, singing for National broadcasts such as UNCF ‘Evening of the Stars’; offering assurance to his concert attendees that they will, indeed, get the most from his show!

Most recently, L’Marco can be heard in venues and airwaves internationally and collaborating with producer Griego, releasing a singles “Bring it Back and “Rebels”. He recently returned to the States, after a 3-month international performance tour (Foreign Xchange reisdency) where he also promoted his debut album ‘World Holiday’. While concluding production of his 2nd project, ‘Famous’, L’Marco has been frequently releasing singles such as “This is Love” and “Jewel” to keep his listeners tied-over and engaged.

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