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Murrieta , CA
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  • Hi there! My name is Lizzie Pancho. I am a 20 year old musician who sings and plays guitar. I enjoy covering songs, and have recently explored writing my own music. At 16 years old, I taught myself to play guitar, piano, and ukulele. My biggest strength as a musician would be my vocals. I started out playing at open mics in my hometown in Washington State, I’ve won talent shows, have received full scholarships for summer music programs, etc. I haven’t been playing music for very long, but I’ve seen doors open left and right for me to express myself through playing and singing. As of recently, I have been offered to play for small gigs here and there (So Far Sounds, Women’s Events), but mainly use my giftings in church. I lead worship for church and for special events up to 2/3 times a week. I am eager, outgoing, bubbly, loving, and joyful. I am someone who loves to learn, loves to perform, loves to connect with people. Thank you for reading!
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    Christian/Gospel Indie Singer Songwriter
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    cafe bars corporate events
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This is a fun Kim Possible cover that my friend and I decide...

My name is Lizzie Pancho. An acoustic, easy listening, indie artist from Tacoma, WA but currently residing in Southern California for the next few years. I am 20 years old, graduating with a Bachelors degree in Biblical studies this May. My deepest passions are music and people, and am absolutely flored at the idea of the two intersecting. Music brings people together, connects those who might not typically connect. Another passion of mine is Jesus Christ. He is the one who gave me these gifts, and I get the proveldge of using them for His glory for the rest of my life! 

I am self taught, but have seen the Lord open doors for me to play at many different places. I enjoy open mics, playing at coffee shops, weddings, etc. 

I also have been recently starting to write my own music. I have one song on SoundCloud called Righteousness.

I am also currently heavily involved with leading worship at my church, but am interested in getting myself out there and playing other small gigs around town. 

If you’re interested, please contact me! 

Awards & Appreciations
  • Top 3 Band for Live It Outloud Summer Program

  • 1st Place Pierce College Talent Show