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  • Indian Thumri singer Sveta Hattangdi Kilpady, known to have sung for movies like "Mr. India" under famed music directors like RD Burman and Laxmikant Pyarelal.
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    Classical Hindustani
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The vocalist received her initial training at the age of three from her gurus and has also learned Thumri. Sveta is the founder of Aarohan Sangeet Gurgaon and co-founder of ‘The Baithak Experience' Gurgaon. A performer in a virtual July 9 HCL Concerts Baithak, Sveta says she is grateful for artists to have a platform in these times.

Talking to IANSlife about the challenges that the pandemic brought on to her musicianship, and how she overcome those, Sveta elaborates: "Initially the challenges were about not being able to do a live performance in front of a real audience. Nothing gives an artist greater satisfaction and pleasure than watching the reaction of audience while performing. While technology allowed seamless continuation of live concerts, the challenge was performing in front of a ‘virtual' audience and not a real one.

"But today, the world is slowly accepting the ‘screen world' with remote-working, remote-schooling, now even ‘remote-music' has become the new normal."

Saying that it was difficult to understand technology, quality of sound a good frame more so for digital concerts, Sveta emphasises that the music fraternity has been at it. "I attended various online workshops which taught us how to get the best sound for our concerts. Small steps in the direction of the new normal."


• Sveta started her training from the age of three, under the guidance of Late Pandit Jialal Vasant. 

• From the age of eleven, she became the Shishya of Shrimati Manik Bhide the distinguished artiste and teacher of Jaipur Atrauli Gharana. 

• Sveta also learnt Thumris from the renowned musicologist and talented artiste of the Purabi Gharana, Late Dr. Shrimati Aneeta Sen. 

• An Architect from Mumbai University, Sveta choose her first love, Music. Gifted with a rich open voice and a strong aesthetic sense, she has been doing Adhyayan of Classical music for over thirty years. 

• She is now taking guidance in Thumris of Banaras ang from Smt. Manju Sundaram of Banaras. 

Awards & Appreciations
  • All-India Radio prize for Light Classical Music


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