Lê Khoa Le
Garden Grove , CA
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  • Vocalist, dancer, and producer. I can perform with full band and Dj who can play backing track for me. Singing pop , rock , electronic and soul, ballad pop. dance pop.....etc Unique performance pathway . Something not like drag queen but like a real rock star. Hit the stage with best enegry.   Now located in Orange County California
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    Singer Songwriter
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My name is Lê Khoa, I'm a singer/songwriter, art director and independent producer. I have been singing since I was 10 years old. I was a top 10 male singer in the Vietnam X factor competition and that started my professional career. In 2016, I moved to Wichita Kansas with my family. I continued to study music and write songs. Creativity has always been the driving force of my life.

My career has not been easy. Being born in Vietnam I’ve faced a huge language barrier in America, making it hard to do business. Wichita was not a good place for music development. It is very difficult to find professional musicians in this city. One of the biggest challenges for me is probably relationships and experiences. I didn't know anyone except my family when I moved to Wichita. Fortunately, I’ve found some friends in the independent music scene. I have a lot of difficulty connecting and grabbing attention with the professional music world in America. I kept in touch with my friends back in Vietnam and luckily I had a big opportunity to released my first album in 2018 named Lê Khoa hát Lê Minh S?n, a Vietnamese Traditional pop mix of alternative rock and electronic in Viet Nam. It sold more than 1000 CDs. In 2019 I released an experimental album, W.A.R, with Josué Éstrada. The album was very successful in Vietnam and Kansas. I sold more than 500 copies of W.A.R on physical CDs. This accounted for, I continue to find myself alienated in the music industry, not finding people to help guide me in how to be Asian-American in the music industry.

As an independent artist, I have time to create songs that best match my musical personality. Often singers that are “counter tenor” sing classical music or Rock, that isn’t me.

I write things that are catchy and easy on the heart. The lyrics are written in a Vietnamese poetry style through English, creating a unique translation of my thoughts.

For me, fashion and music are one. The fashion that I pursue is high fashion or impressive fashion, something that gives me a feeling of inspiration and creativity.

My motto is "Power does not come from physical. It comes from indomitable will". Success is not the goal, it is the process by which we make our dreams. If I get through from one difficulty to another, that is my way to success. As an artist I have stumbled and failed many times, but nothing has stopped my ambition. If you have an indomitable and resilient heart, you will surely be successful.


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