Sarathi Garimella    Musician
Los Angeles , CA
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  • Experiencing the intersection of different cultures throughout his childhood until now, Sarathi has made it his passion and motivation to connect the world through a common medium, Music. Sarathi’s early life consisted of eastern and western influences, challenging and complementing each other in ways few people get to experience. This provided him with a unique perspective as he began to explore his own interests in music and artistic expression. Throughout all of his work, the harmony created through the melding of seemingly “different” experiences can be heard in a way that parallels his life’s struggles and achievements. Raised in the suburbs of the Bay Area, Sarathi began his artistic journey at a young age, getting any opportunity he could to sing to his family and friends. In 2014, Sarathi moved to Boston, Massachusetts to attend Berklee College of Music in order to pursue his education in music. As he matured, so did his songwriting, where songs such as his ethereal, ambient ballad Lighthouse was written. This is where Sarathi also became deeply involved in social change, using his platform to spread awareness on topics and events such as LGBTQ+ Rights and the Pulse Nightclub Massacre. Since 2018, Sarathi has been living in Los Angeles, California, focusing on creating music and following his voice as it adapts with the world around him. For his most recent project, Sarathi released his single, "Kaleidoscope". This song is about connection of every living being on earth. You can find it on all streaming platforms.
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