DJ Essentials

Learn the basics of electronic music and how to play to an audience

1 Week(s)
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Learn the basics of electronic music production, your equipment and how to play for a live audience.In this fun course you will build upon your skills and entertain an audience irrespective of the medium or the stage. The instructors have several years of experience and can tailor the course according to your current skill level and learning speed.


   WEEK 1    Know your equipment

In this session you will get to know your controller and DJ software, track selection

   WEEK 2    Setting cues

Here will you will explore setting cues and mixing with faders 

   WEEK 3    Faders and EQ

In this section your will learn about mixing with faders and EQ 

   WEEK 4    Beatmatching

In this section you will learn how to stretch or pitch shift tracks to match other tracks

   WEEK 5    FX

In this section your will learn how to apply effects, both classic and the latest. 

   WEEK 6    Mixing with faders, EQ, FX, and Beatmatching

In this section you will apply multiple skills learnt in the past few weeks and how to apply them together.

   WEEK 7    Refining your skills

You will continue to refine your skills in this section and start building and refining your track list. 

   WEEK 8    Perform

In this section you will perform and record a 45-minute set.

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