Jazz Vocal

Learn the basics of singing Jazz, developing your voice and performing in front of an audience.

8 Week(s)

In this fun course you will learn the basics of identifying and developing your voice. You will also learn how to maintain vocal health and develop it to entertain an audience irrespective of the medium or the stage. The instructors have several years of experience and can tailor the course according to your current skill level and learning speed.


   WEEK 1    Jazz Basics

Vocal exercise, sing a jazz standard 

   WEEK 2    Vocal phrases

Jazz vocal phrases, sing a jazz standard

   WEEK 3    Blues


   WEEK 4    Express rhythms with your vocal

Express rhythms with your vocal, Sing a jazz standard 

   WEEK 5    Jazz vocal improvisation

Jazz vocal improvisation, Sing a jazz standard 

   WEEK 6    Jazz vocal improvisation 2

Jazz vocal improvisation 2, Sing a jazz standard 

   WEEK 7    Jazz theory

Jazz theory, Sing a jazz standard

   WEEK 8    Jazz arrangement

Jazz arrangement and perform with your trainer

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