Jose Promis  
Long Beach , CA
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  • I'm a singer/songwriter in the European style. I spend most of my time playing piano, singing and composing for several cabaret shows in Berlin. I sing my own songs, and have released 9 albums and one German film soundtrack, and also sing a great deal of covers, with a heavy leaning towards international/European music. I have worked in piano bars in L.A. (which no longer exist) and have played throughout many European countries.
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    Other Cabaret Chanson International European
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Jose Promis was born in Chile, grew up in the U.S. and now spends most of the year in Berlin, Germany. He has released 9 albums of original music and one soundtrack to a German film. He plays a mix of originals and interantional songs in Berlin cabarets, and throughout Europe. He comes to Los Angeles for gigs and shows in winter, and is happy to travel for any music opportunities. 

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