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  • Music for your Wedding, Company Event or Party! Sky Groove Music band has been performing in and around New York City. Professionalism. Working in the music industry, the skill you find most lacking is professionalism. So many bands and musicians lack this crucial skill. Our band will always arrive early, dress appropriately, bring all the necessary equipment, treat guests with the utmost respect, and most importantly, provide the client with exactly what was asked of us. We guarantee there will be no last minute headaches, so you can focus on what's really important. Sky Groove are working professionals who perform music nightly. We will make your event really stand out. We care deeply about the quality of our music in any setting, and are constantly striving to be the best we can be. Affordable rates. We understand fully that in the era of DJs and recorded music it is a luxury to have a live band. But nothing compares to the sound and the experience of live music. It's memorable, it provides ambience to your event, and it's real. We do our best to provide this experience at a rate that not only the super wealthy can afford. Sky Groove play their instruments. Sky Groove play the room. Sky Groove will provide the perfect song selection and ambience. Years of experience have taught us how to read the room. We can sense when an audience and what they want like something lively to dance to. We love to play for you! We love to play music that makes people happy. We are thrilled to get to share so many deeply personal experiences like weddings, and anniversary parties with so many wonderful people. It's a real honor and a privilege.
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    Bollywood/Tollywood Christian/Gospel Instrumental Latin Punk R&B/Soul Rap Reggae Spiritual Spoken Word World
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    cafe bars restaurant Music Venues Concert Halls
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