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Make You Feel My Love
cover by Bella Di Manno

Empowering RnB Singer/Songwriter, with Attitude and Sass

Soulful Female Alto Vocal

Strong Woman - Unafraid to Speak Her Mind and 'Say it How it is'
                        ***MY STORY***
I've always been a shy girl, since 6 years old when I started singing and piano lessons. Typical sit in the corner type of individual. I was teased and laughed at during the whole of my time at secondary school because I was unpopular. I struggled with body image issues to a serious level enough that my breathing was affected. As a result, singing was very difficult. But music was my motivation to recover my mental health to a stable position; witnessing my parents divorce, my (biological) dad never caring about me, taken advantage of and emotionally abused by a guy. Only now after 6 years am I ready to put myself out here in the open. People were always telling me to do this, do that - even those who didnt like me at school - but truth is, I wasnt mentally strong enough. Especially after my nan passed from the virus, i jumped out of this massive depression to a new born. Now... girl.. I'm as confident as I ever have been. I know who I am. I found my peace of mind. I'm ready to take on the biggest challenge. 

Instagram: @belladimannofficial

Facebook: @belladimannofficial 

YouTube: Bella Di Manno 

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