Ryan Warlich  
Dallas , TX
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  • You are looking at a singer-song writer with a big heart and mind to make great music with great people! The love and appreciation has always been with me. I strive to enrich and touch my audience. My prize is seeing a crowd smile or singing along to the song and my big, confident stage presence. I like to wow the crowd with my vocal range, stage presence, plus song choices.
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    Pop Country R&B/Soul Singer Songwriter
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"Fall For You" live
A SecondHand Serenade cover
"Fix a Heart"
A Demi Lovato cover
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"Safe & Sound"
A Taylor Swift Cover
"Over You"
A Miranda Lambert Cover
“True Colors”
A Phil Collins cover
“Keep Holding On”
An Avril Lavigne cover

Ryan Warlich is a first generation musician in this industry, but his family is nt a stranger to music. He was introduced to music and singing by his Grandmother, and stage performance by his Mother and Father.

His debut came just at the at the age of 7, when he joined choir in school and just a few years later, joined the stage, being in every production until graduation. His credits range from comedy, drama, musical, to improv, and singing range of Bass and sometimes Baritone.

He has had more exposure to the art working under the direction of Gianna Summers, being invited to sing for Men and Women in Active Duty, Non-profit organization, and the local community. In settings, such as close up audiences and intimate locations, He has not fail to keep away his emotions from taking the over the stage during recitals, vocal performances, and shows. Along side his stage presence, his vocal growth has rapidly developed and has earned him supporters from all across the world. He continues to make himself available to businesses, private events, and the people.

When not working on music, he has branched out and nowadays can be found online writing and performing original poetry and songs, releasing cover songs, developing a mini-series, and most recently, beginning his own talk segment, "Ryan Talks" with content on reviewing,reacting, and critically discussing movies, TV, music, and from time to time, letting a piece of his mind free.

Ryan loves new projects and taking the risk of new heigths. He always is in the musical mood of hearing great music and artists, making great music, and learning of great music. He has every intention to learn and do the best with the best, so he will in time, return the favor of his knowledge, and give more than just a performance to all listeners and those seeking more.

Music to him is a life dream, a passage. It has never been viewed as a job. A story or bridge that should be passionate, real, and always be bigger than himself and with purpose to the next person down the line. He sings to help, inspire, entertain, and draw connection and love, hopefully uncovering that in the end, we are one people that need to take care of eachother.

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