Melanie (MELÓ) Percy  
, England
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  • MELÓ is an indie-alternative singer-songwriter using bittersweet lyrics and a sensitive singing tone, to create a space where listeners can feel comfortable with their vulnerabilities.
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    Singer Songwriter
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Counting Sheep
Original Track by MELÓ
Still Into You
Paramore - Cover
Like You Do
Billie Eilish - Cover


MELÓ is a twenty-year-old Hungarian/Canadian singer-songwriter, born in Toronto, but currently based in London. As a multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar, vocals) playing independently with acoustic guitar or piano, or with her four-piece indie-alternative band, she is able to perform in a large variety of settings. She has tailored her performance style during this pandemic, providing online gigs with her acoustic guitar and vocals.

When it comes to style, MELÓ can generally play any genre or cover. Her original music, however, leans towards softer indie-alternative aesthetics. Her songwriting and lyrical topics are intended to create a space where both her and the listener can share comfort within their vulnerabilities. 

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