Isa Bell  
Portsmouth , Angleterre
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  • Isa Bell is a singer, songwriter and musician originally from France & Benin, living in the UK with a pure unique soulful jazzy reggae vibe! She writes uplifting songs promoting positivity.
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    Jazz R&B/Soul Reggae
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Discover the musical world of Isa Bell...


Isa Bell is a singer, songwriter and musician originally from France & Benin, living in the UK, with a pure unique soulful jazzy reggae vibe! She writes uplifting songs promoting positivity. 


"When Soul & Jazz meet Reggae... a harmonious melody... a lovely smooth tone alternated with moments of hypnotizing strength …” ?


Isa Bell has released her first EP “Lightin’ Up Your Day” which is OUT now and available in most online music stores. (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon music...)


A bit of her background... After living in Paris, her hometown where she grew up, she has been living in the South East of England for a few years where she's been performing in local music venues and festivals. 

She is also developing a charity alongside her music to support music education in Benin. This project involves also feeding programs and schools in need support. 


To listen to her full EP:






Review by LA Music Critic:

Isa Bell is a work of art – a beautiful woman with a golden voice and the ability to merge a jazz standards style with the chill factor of reggae.  Her voice is so classy you’d expect it to be singing by a piano in a smoky bar.  Once the reggae beat kicks in, your image changes and you expect her to be singing on an island somewhere.  We really love the ska feel of “Don’t Say It.”  She is one of the best discoveries we have made this year, and we think she has the goods to conquer the world.  We can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Recommendation:  This one is a priority – go Get it!


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Instagram @IsaBellsMusic

Twitter @IsaBellsMusic1

LinkedIn @IsaBellsMusic


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