Daniel Hartley  
Manchester , England
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  • Roots Reggae artist offering a spiritual and motivational vibe while challenging perspectives
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    Spiritual World Reggae
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Daniel Hartley Music is a unique encounter of Roots Reggae with Orthodox Theology while the artist himself is one of the genre’s best-kept secrets...until now...

Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, Daniel, an ardent Orthodox Christian and educator, has not only been involved with music but has been forefront in helping children and adults in his respective communities wherever he goes throughout his life journey, with their educational pursuits as a private tutor. He is also a Pan-Africanist agitating for African unity and a monarchist advocating for the restoration of the Ethiopian monarchy to spearhead the movement as in times past.

After moving to the UK and through many years of hard work and struggle, Daniel has become one of Manchester UK’s finest reggae artists. With some awesomely unique material accredited to his name, Daniel has Since 2000 worked with some of the industries top dub producers to produce some uniquely off the wall anthems that have resounded in the dub arena to date.

Tunes like Run Come Quick, Deep Roots, Irie Meditation, Step It Up Rasta and State Of Mind produced by Nucleus roots from out of Manchester UK; When The Bread come Back by Thierry negro and Faya Dub out of France and more recently, Rivers Of Babylon (2018) produced by Lewis Bennette Dubs, Manchester, UK, are just a few of his accomplishments under his previous moniker of Don Hartley. 

These classic anthems all attest to Daniel’s creativity as a songwriter through which he challenges perspectives with positively conscious lyrics and in this time when reggae singers are a rare breed, it is comforting and inspiring to know that Daniel Hartley is not only present at the mic stand but also now producing his own stuff on his own label.

Notwithstanding the many UK venues including bars, restaurants, cafes and music venues, some notable places where Daniel has performed include Band On The Wall in Manchester UK as well as the Manchester Carnival 92018), the Cabaret Savauge in Paris (2013) and the Hootenanny in London (2015).

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