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  • Grettch is a singer-songwriter who has collaborated with diverse artists worldwide. Her music background comes from classical music. At the age of 6 she began her studies at the conservatory of Austral University of Chile in the Northern Patagonian city called Valdivia learning classical piano performance . At the age of 17 she  was the front woman of a Progressive Rock band singing Progressive Rock participating actively in big concerts from the city. She then moved to Santiago de Chile  to further her studies in Sound engineering at University of Chile and later moved to Boston transferring to  Berklee College of Music and graduating in 2016 in professional Music. Since graduation she has performed with Grammy award artist Jacob Collier , Ar Rahman, and New York based Cuban Jazz Band YeraSon. She also performed in New York City in different venues as a solo artist and with her personal project Grettch Band. Grettch moved to New York where she has been producing and collaborating for diverse upcoming artists. Grettch is currently preparing to continue her Studies in sound design in Germany while hosting different singer songwriter groups, collaborating as a singer with upcoming Belgian Artist Remy Jean Labbe, English artist Cobbler and more.
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    Folk Alternative Classical Singer Songwriter
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