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Santa Ana , CA
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  • Purple Fuzz Machine is a group of friends that grew up playing music together in Anaheim CA. The band's sound is based heavily on rock music from the old-school era. In 2012 they decided to form a classic rock band that incorporated these attributes, giving birth to what is now Purple Fuzz Machine. With heavy drums, searing guitars, whirling organs, pumping bass lines, and catchy vocals, PFM is sure to captivate and transport their listeners to sonic bliss. Purple Fuzz Machine released their first self titled album containing 8 solid tracks in April of 2018. Their hit song "Blackstar Mountain", is an ode written to nature and it's beauty adorned with lush soundscapes. Created with reverb drenched organs, fuzzy guitars, and otherworldly vocal harmonies, they are sure to project you into another reality. Their song "Gypsy Woman", is a dark bluesy mix of love and magic with fuzzed out guitars, and churchy organs adding to the mysticism of PFM's self titled album. "Blood Moon" confirms PFM's deep infatuation with the mysterious as they take us on a caravan throughout the sands of time and space with their hypnotizing melodies in this illustrious hymn. Purple Fuzz Machine consists of 5 cosmic souls (Juan Antonio Vera, Tlaloc Campos, Omar Herrera, Pablo Rodriguez, and Eric Contreras).
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