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I have a meandering musical background.  I started at 7 years old with lesons in traditional guitar courses: Mel Bay, Alfred's, etc.  and won my first talent show contest at 8, despite being so nervous at being under intense spotlights that the sweat from my hands nearly electrocuted me.  I guess the audience thought my head snapping and body jerking was part of my act. I think they gave me first place out of sympathy for what they must have concluded were severe physical and mental disabilities.

Started in Rock bands as lead guitar and vocals at age 10 mostly playing blues and classic rock.  Had 30 students a week for guitar lessons in high school and it was a joy to see people learn and grow in their guitar pursuits, not to mention the convenient extra spending money! The higlight of an early career came when I was asked by an Air Force Colonel to help his developmentally disabled son learn guitar.  I still remember this older decorated war veteran father sobbing with joy as his son played Christmas tunes (and yes, I was kind of misty too).  No earthly reward could ever top the privilege of being a part of that.  

I played football first year in high school and gave it up (thankfully for everyone) to be a membger of a lot of rock bands in high school. In one stretch I was in a band that captured 2 battle of the bands in diferent cities in the same week.  A thrll for me.  A few weeks later the sanme band played at the Berlin Ice Arena in Berlin, New Hampshire.  We spent the night before our concert talking our rythym player, Ted, down from the attic of an old house we stayed in afterr he had captured a live bat,  using a baseball bat, from an actual belfry.  All of this craziness was reflected in the way we embraced music with passion and abandon.  After being featured artists on a radio show there, signing autographs at the arena, and honoring requests for guitar picks from an appreciative audience, it was as close as I have ever come thinking I was a guitar god: my 15 minutes of fame.

I left the guitar for about 20 years and then picked it up when I was inspired by worship music.  The simplicity, transparency and earnestness drew me closer to the guitar and to God.  When I was a rock musician, I craved the spotlight.  When I play worship music I strive to be a conduit, not the end of the experience.

I played in various bands as a worship musician and worship leader at Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, California.  I learned from the best how to be my best in serving the Lord.  At first I was a nervous leader, but when I let the Lord take the wheel, it always came together, My confdence grew  as I allowed Him to use me as His instrument.  Over time, I found that what I cared most about was that whatever role I played in the band, it brought someone closer to the Lord.  I have been given whatever gifts I have for a purpose and I pray that I am using them as best I can for His glory.

 If my music, however imperfectly delivered, can bring even one person closer to God, I feel a sense of joy and accomplishment.  A compliment for me now would not be "gee, you sound great", it would be "you know, something in what you played touched my heart and inspired me to come a little closer to God."  The former filled my ego; the latter, I can take with me into eternity.




Christian Worship Musician

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  • Talent Show First Place

  • First Place - Battle of the Bands

  • First Place - Battle of the Bands

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