Harmony Costa    Musician
Los Angeles , CA
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  • I'm a dj who specializes in the lounge scene. Open format, eclectic, vibey types of tunes to set the tone.
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    Pop Dance Funk House Jazz Other R&B/Soul
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    cafe bars restaurant corporate events Music Venues
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Harmony Costa, a Los Angeles native and former professional dancer, started her career as a dj in 2012. Just after having got off the North American Stomp Tour and the Las Vegas Stomp Out Loud residency ended in 2009, she was eager to take on a new hobby, which soon became DJing. Harmony used her resources and started reaching out to her dj friends to ask for help in getting started. Lucky for her, her friends knew her passion for all kinds of music and trusted that Harmony would succeed, which made them happy to help out.

Harmony was quickly landing residencies and not before long, it became her full time "job". She was djing 4-5 nights a week- from upscale restaurants to bar mitzvahs to dive bars to birthday parties.. 

10 years later, Harmony is still on the dj grind, but more on the low-key vibes now. She found her niche in the lounge/ bar scene. She finds it has more longevity and recieves more appreciation from those who enjoy music that's not on the radio. Harmony has always taken pride in the music she plays because of how much time, energy and money was spent trying to find the perfect tunes, then being able to play them out to others who are willing to listen is the icing on the cake. 

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