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Los Angeles , CA
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Deep Inside The Jungle
Whimsical upbeat jazz production featuring Harold Todd

Black boys don't play flute so where the words of my Elementary School band teacher nearly 40 years ago.
I’d like to think that I wanted to prove something to that old band instructor but the fact was I wasn't going to
let anyone tell me what to do.
My artistic life began at the age of 10 when I was given a solo Swing Low Sweet Chariot to be sung at the
fifth grade Christmas Pageant that year. However when my voice changed he had to dream up another way
of singing ......enter the flute.
Some people say flutist some say flautist but I was never concerned with syntax.But I always knew
expression through art and music would become my passion.
My formal study began at the San Francisco conservatory at age 13.
Began competing for Scholarships in and around San Francisco Bay Area age 14.
Won competitions and scholarships to Mendocino Music Festival Aspen Music Festival age 15.
Attained full athletic scholarship( track and field ) to UC Irvine age 17
principal flute in the UC Irvine Orchestra(1983 -87)
My professional career began at age 21.Enter the sax : I picked up a saxophone and move to San Diego. I
began playing with Common-sense a popular Southern California reggae band. I also enjoyed lengthy stints
with such Local groups such as: Goldfish the B-side players sidecar ,The Greyboy Allstars ,and international
acts : Gladys Knight James Brown , Steel Pulse and many more . After being given an audition by rocker
Lenny Kravitz in October 1993.I was asked to join his band in1994. I am currently still a member .Sax and
I help manage an online Music and film production company called The hilltops Productions. This fledgling
project allows me to combine my love for cinematography, drone flying and music via the internet . We have
been able to maintain our workflow thru the pandemic.
I am also a drone pilot with a current part 107 qualification for professional drone photography and
cinematography. I have produced and directed several independent projects.
( see you tube deep inside the jungle Todd hart singer)

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