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  • Hi! My name is Anelia i go by DVMA. I am a DJ/Artist/Producer from Brooklyn with 10 years in music.
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    Pop Dance Hip Hop Reggae
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    cafe bars restaurant corporate events Music Venues Concert Halls
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DVMA was born Anelia Lomsky in Brooklyn, NY to two Soviet refugees. Brighton Beach/ Coney Island to be exact. She started rapping at 16 in a juvenile detention center, then started recording and performing in the NYC underground scene under the name Dama Nilz shortly after. Although she built a strong following through her captivating performances and magnetic music videos, she chose to leave NY and move to Austin TX in 2017 to gain peace of mind and a break from the mayhem (and perform at SXSW). The clarity gained in Austin, along with meeting her partner and collaborator DATBOYCRAIG, gave Anelia the tools and inspiration she needed to embark on her greatest transformation. She began making vulnerable and personal music, dyed her hair blonde, and changed her name to DVMA (the V is to honor Vice Verses, EODUB founder and her friend that passed away in 2020). This new vibe lead to a whole new audience of women, and the creation of "Gangsta B*tch Love Songs", and album that embodies DVMA's motif. Now, back in Brooklyn, DVMA, DATBOYCRAIG, and her childhood friends started a label called So So Grimey, helping other local artists as well as putting out her own. She just released "SKUNT 101", a fun summer song with a "Pop-Up Video" themed visual.

 As a DJ, DVMA has done everything from clubs, bars, festivals, after-hours, even corporate and weddings. Most notably she DJ'd for Soul In The Horn (a disco party in NYC that has been going almost 10 years), a corporate set for giphy that was Hip Hop History themed, SXSW, Karma Lounge, Chelsea Music Hall, and Knitting Factory. (All DJ videos can be found on Instagram Highlights titled "The DJ")

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