Anthony Carrera    Trainer
New York , NY
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  • Anthony Carrera is a world music multi instrumentalist that plays flamenco guitar, handpan, & sitar.
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    Classical Experimental Instrumental World
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    cafe bars restaurant corporate events Music Venues Concert Halls
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Anthony Carrera is a New Jersey based world music multi instrumentalist that has fully devoted his life to his music. Anthony is a student of classical/flamenco guitar, handpan, & sitar but also consistently aims to absorb and learn as much about the different styles of music the world has to offer. While Anthony believes all styles of music should be learned in their most traditional manners to preserve to beauty of the style & pay respect to the culture from which it came, he also believes all styles of music can be blended together to create something truly beautiful and unique. While Anthony plays many different kinds of events throughout the NJ/NYC area he can most regularly be seen within the NYC subway system as an active & new member of MTA’s Arts & Designs Music Under New York Program. A few regular locations where Anthony performs include Penn Station, Grand Central, Times Square, & the World Trade Center. 

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