Shyam (AREUBLUE) Lalani
New Brunswick , NJ
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  • I am a live events DJ, Producer and musician. Ive had experience performing music all my life. As I age my goal in the industry has formed into making a crowd feel something. Whether it's through my original music, or from my control of energy within a room while DJing, I want the audience to evoke emotion throughout the entire experience.
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    Bollywood/Tollywood Dance EDM Experimental Hip Hop House Indie Jazz R&B/Soul Rap Reggae World
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    cafe bars restaurant Music Venues Concert Halls
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As an individual who aspires to fuse the human experience into the language of music, Shyam Lalani presents the artist project “AREUBLUE”. With a connection to music ever since the day he was born, the journey to define his own sound was an adventure of its own. From the ethnic and electronic roots that he identifies with, to the mental health advocacy that he has grown to develop as his purpose in life, Shyam has created a form of expression in his music that stays true to who he is in every facet of his personality.


Shyam helps you embark on a musical exploration of the spiritual self using sounds from instruments that have been defined as mystical and soulful. He aims to bridge the gap between ancient ethnic instruments and modern electronic sounds.


It was through Shyams spiritual path that he developed his sound and discovered his path. Using musical expression to advocate mental health, he has discovered his sole purpose in life. He aims to achieve doing so by developing a robust network of rich worldly sounds and lustful electronic melodies.


The AREUBLUE debut project “Spirit” is cry for self empowerment; a theme that Shyam has understood just months before the project came to be. He aims to provide a vessel for you to interpret yourself as a strong and powerful spirit; a spirit that is not to be reckoned with.

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