Alexander Chase    Musician
Dallas , TX
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  • I Dj and produce house music . Went to Same school as Martin Garrix. I travel for fun and make music for love
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    Pop Dance EDM Hip Hop House Latin Rap
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    bars restaurant corporate events Music Venues Concert Halls
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I'm a Dallas TX born and raised native who has always loved music from Sam Cooke to Tiesto's early days to the Spanish stuff my mom made us clean to. I was in varsity choir since the 7th grade all the way up to 10th grade when I suddenly became too cool for the greatest class of my younger years. Oh and I was a house party/bedroom DJ by the name of Kraze (Pronounced CRAY-ZEE) Chris. But my equipment was stolen and I became just Chris for a couple of years but still had the passion for music. So in 2017 I decided to go back to school for music production and went on to move to the Netherlands to be taught by Mark Otten. Mark is a former mentor & coach of Martin Garrix and other students including Julian Jordan, Firebeatz, CMC$, De Sluwe Vos, We Are Loud, Maduk, Pythius, Steve of Lucas & Steve, Alpharock. Then I moved to Czech Republic to learn a little guitar and drums.My style aims to focus on the vibes i'm trying to create. From late night solo cruises to Festival stage bangers to even Corona sipping beach tunes. I'd like to think of my music to help your imagination take you to where you'd like to go. Growing up I thought my biggest down fall was my imagination but now it helps me create music for important moments we envision in our minds .As a DJ I aim to please the crowd as well as grab their attention with new music that fits the situation. I love being challenged and seeing what new genres I can bring together for a great night out. 
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