Learn how to play drums from a performer

8 Week(s)

In this fun course you will learn and build upon your skills in playing the drums. You will also learn how to play in a band and entertain an audience irrespective of the medium or the stage. The instructors have several years of experience and can tailor the course according to your current skill level and learning speed.


   WEEK 1    Introduction

An introduction to the drum set: all the names, holding the sticks, first groove

   WEEK 2    Reading rhythm notations

In this section you will learn how to read rhythm notations and drum set charts.

   WEEK 3    Get the hands moving

In this section you will learn about basic rudiments and note rates.

   WEEK 4    Get the groove going

In the section you will learn about the Quarter Note groove, 8th Not groove and more.

   WEEK 5    Adding cymbal hits and fills

In this section you will learn how to punctuate grooves and drum parts.

   WEEK 6    Learn how to play a new song quick

Here you will start combining skills that you have acquired in the past weeks and learn how to play any song quick. You will explore form, froove and listening skills

   WEEK 7    Being a good drummer, what does it take?

While you continue building your skills you will learn how to begin your professional journey. You will work with the metronome, learn time keeping and understand the role of a drummer in any arrangement. 

   WEEK 8    The next level

In this section you will learn key elements of how to practive effectively and how to ppay with a band. 

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