Learn how to play a guitar from a performer

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In this fun course you will learn and build upon your guitar playing skills. You will also learn how to entertain an audience irrespective of the medium or the stage. The instructors have several years of experience and can tailor the course according to your current skill level and learning speed. 


   WEEK 1    Guitar Basics

In this section you will learn the anatomy and structure of a guitar. You will learn how to hold your instrument, how to tune it and how to care for it.

   WEEK 2    Identifying notes on a fretboard

In this section you will learn to identify and play notes on the fretboard. You will also learn a few ways of holding a pick and find what work best for you.

   WEEK 3    Identifying and playing notes

In this section you will learn to play notes across strings and down the fretboard. You will further strengthen your knowledge of notes

   WEEK 4    Introduction to chords

In this section you will learn major chords in first positions and basic strumming patterns

   WEEK 5    Chords Continued

You will increase your chord reportaire and learn popular chord combinations that apply to a large number of songs

   WEEK 6    Introduction to scales

In this section you will learn major scales

   WEEK 7    Engaging with an audience

As you start getting comforable with your guitar and start playing songs your performer instructor will introduce you to the basics of performing in front of an audience. Here you will learn how to engage with an audience be it online or live in person. You will learn how to enjoy playing your guitar while your audience connects with you and your performance.

   WEEK 8    Wrapping up and Planning for Future

During this week you will record a performance that you and your instructor have chosen. You can invite upto 10 friends , family members to view your performance. This performance will be recorded and made avaialable to you to keep and share.

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