Learn the basics of singing, developing your voice and performing in front of an audience.

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In this fun course you will learn the basics of identifying and developing your voice. You will also learn how to maintain vocal health and develop it to entertain an audience irrespective of the medium or the stage. The instructors have several years of experience and can tailor the course according to your current skill level and learning speed.


   WEEK 1    Breathing

In this section, you will learn the most fundamental aspect of singing. How the air moves in your body directly affects the quality of the tone you produce during singing. 

   WEEK 2    Posture

In this section you will learn how the way you sit or stand affects the way you sing. Your instructor will work with you to establish a correct posture or improve your existing posture.  

   WEEK 3    Tone

In this section you and your instructor will work together to learn the basics of tone. You will learn how to find your tone and explore your unique sound. 

   WEEK 4    Diction and Intonation

In this section you will continue developing your unique style. You will learn how dictions matter in classical and popular styles. 

   WEEK 5    Reading sheet music

In this section you will be introduced to sheet music and how to read and sing from great composers. You will learn the basics of time signatures, notes and their placements and dynamic signs. 

   WEEK 6    Vocal Health

In this section you will learn how to maintain the quality and longevity of your vocal ability. You will receive tips on how to be ready for your big performance days and how to prepare and care for your voice.

   WEEK 7    Engaging with an audience

As you get comfortable with the singing a wide variety of songs, your performer instructor will introduce you to the basics of performing in front of an audience. Here you will learn how to engage with an audience, be it online or live in person. You will learn how to enjoy performing while your audience connects with you and your performance.

   WEEK 8    Wrapping up and Planning for Future

During this week you will record a performance that you and your instructor have chosen. You can invite upto 10 friends, family members to view your performance. This performance will be recorded and made available to you to keep and share. This session will also be a good opportunity for you to plan your journey ahead as a performer and future sessions with your instructor.

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