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San Diego , CA
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  • We are a singer/guitar duo covering a wide range of music from jazzy renditions of modern pop (Top 40) as well as blues, funk, rock, RnB, and a little bit of everything else!
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    Funk Jazz blues pop rock latin
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    bars restaurant corporate events Music Venues
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Anais and Deejay are a multi-genre singer/guitar duo from San Diego, CA. Introduced in college, they discovered a mutual love for many styles of music from jazz, blues, RnB, to alternative, pop, rock, and just about everything in between. Since then they have gone on to perform in various settings such as fine dining restaurants, weddings, receptions, and corporate events to name a few. With a love for diverse music and a strong background in improvisation, Anais and Deejay are well suited to set the tone for any occassion. 

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