Sustainability – At The Center of Our Business


Sustainability – At The Center of Our Business

Since inception in 2017, sustainability has been a key driver of our strategy and operating plan. Social responsibility is inherent to our mission and the fundamental inspiration for our products. We designed and built our platform to: 1) help lower-income musicians earn a better living from their passion/craft; 2) enable hospitality companies and music venues to access a more diverse pool of performers (racial, ethnic, gender); and 3) provide consumers with more live music entertainment at accessible prices (often free). We also designed our business to support the environment – we limit the use of precious resources (incl. electricity, water, paper) among our employees while our products help our customers and their clients reduce event-based carbon emissions. Our commitment to sustainability remains ever strong and we are excited to continue to build our company in support of the broader good.

Increasing Our Impact

Our world is dynamic – we believe our sustainability strategy must also be. As sustainability headwinds grow, we believe it is our responsibility to make sure we are increasing our impact. Early in the company’s life, we established 4 programs to help with this. These programs serve as a base for our sustainability strategy and ensure we can drive tangible results even in the early stages of our company’s development. As we progress as a company, these programs will continue to expand, both in number and the size/impact of each.

‘Creative Xchange IMPACT’ (Social - Global Community)
Creative Xchange IMPACT is a program where we partner with leading non-profits around the world and implement our livestream technology to drive electronic fund raising to support the most critical global social issues,

Musicians in Restaurants’ (Social – Local Community)
Musicians in Restaurants is our program where we help local artists reach larger audiences (incl. national via livestream) and help local restaurants share their cuisine/experience with larger regional audiences through the use of live music

Daily Sustainability’ (Environmental)
We believe that commitment to the environment must be inherent in the daily actions of our company and employees. With this in mind, we remain committed to being 100% cloud-based (carbon efficient), 100% paperless (limited resource consumption) with minimal office infrastructure (limited transportation emissions and office-related resource consumption). As we continue to grow, we will hold to these commitments, ensuring our environmental footprint remains small regardless of the size of our company.

Employees First’ (Human Rights, Labor Rights, Worker Health & Safety)
Our employees are our most critical asset - they are at the center of all we do as a company and the driving force for our progress and success. To ensure that we fully support our employees – not just from a legal perspective, but also in terms of what is right – we have instituted an ‘Employees First’ policy, putting employee wellbeing as our highest company priority, Our C-suite executives all share the same critical philosophy: putting our employees first will lead to a healthier, happier workforce, and, as a result, stronger, more sustainable results over the long-term.

Ensuring Results

Results are the true test of sustainability policy. To ensure that our sustainability actions are effective, we have instituted processes in three key areas:

Employee Education:

- Training on our company’s sustainability policy, initiatives and targets.
- Progress updates as part of all-hands meetings
- Opportunities for employees to increase their involvement/impact

Impact Measurement:

- Annual target-setting
- Sustainability reporting embedded within financial management systems
- Inclusion of sustainability metrics in management financial reviews


- Awards/recognition program for leading sustainability advocates
- Sustainability performance included in management reviews/compensation

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