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The age of truly independent musicians.

Human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self-determined and connected to one another. And, when that drive is liberated, people achieve more and live richer lives. At Creative Xchange, our mission is to ensure sustainable income for all professional musicians. We endeavor to enable multiple pathways of income for musicians by seamlessly connecting them to customers who want to hire them. We achieve this by building technology solutions to simplify discovery and decision making.

Learning to be performers

Learn with Creative Xchange is a unique music learning experience. For the first time ever, students of all ages get to learn music exclusively from performing musicians. The mode of learning is 1-on-1 live music lessons coupled with engaging assignments, contests and competitions to keep learning enjoyable while ensuring accountability. The aspiring musicians also get opportunities to perform at Creative Xchange venues and industry showcases.

Transparent Marketplace to hire musicians

One of the toughest problems that we are solving in the music industry today is simplifying the cost structure of hiring live performers. While gig work in other industries continued to mature with infusion of technology, the creative industry, especially music industry has lagged behind considerably. This has kept potential customers at bay. We bridge this gap by creating technology and making it easy and lucrative for customers to hire musicians.

Live Music as a marketing tool

For decades, live music has played an instrumental role in the hospitality industry. But the live music market is still disorganized. Hospitality businesses do not have the means to attribute value to hosting live music. With Creative Xchange, business owners can now book a variety of artists at a consistent fair price. In addition to that, they get baked in promotions to reach out to fans of the musicians they hire which helps them access an entirely new customer base in a warm and engaging manner.

Who we are

We are a diverse group of individuals comprising of technology leaders, music industry professionals, professional musicians, finance professionals, serial entrepreneurs and designers. We have a singular purpose of making artists sustainable and the arts industry a fair and meritocratic industry. We understand that this purpose is larger than any of the individuals. It is difficult to list the thousands of people who have made Creative Xchange possible and successful. You can always check out our team on our LinkedIn page.

Why are classes so affordable on Creative Xchange?

Creative Xchange is a booking platform, we saw that artists engage in other professions and created a solution that can be used to make additional revenue from the comfort of home. The average price of music classes is $60 for 45 minutes, we offer classes at $25 for 45 minutes. A 45 minutes class on Creative Xchange doesn’t take time on part of trainers to sell classes, promote them, create assignments offline, communicate outside the platform etc.

We save time and money for the trainers and get the best trainers to engage in an interesting and interactive training session. Creative Xchange promotions also help build a fan base for performing musicians, making it a perfect platform to train.

Learn from a professional Musician

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